Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Cinnamon rolls are just the most cozy thing ever. Soft, sweet and warm. 
Always with extra-cinnamon.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Review | BENAMÔR Miracle Face Soap

Benamôr. This is an iconic Portuguese brand, established in 1925. It's a brand with an very unique and timeless identity. I have a clear memory of my grandmother applying their famous face-cream, the one that comes in a pink tube, that she kept on her dressing table, next to a beautiful pink bottle of rose water. That's an image I'll cherish for ever. And because of that, I have to admit that I love having this soap on my daily routine, along with the Ach Brito Soap that I talked about a while back.

If you have been here for a while you know I'm crazy about soaps! And this one is the most beautiful, girly soap I've ever seen. Like the rest of their line, the packaging is vintage and adorable. And the soap it-self is stunning. The blush tone with the simple logo on the top feels so exquisite! 
It's a face soap, so yeah, I use it on my face, usually in the morning. The formula is super nurturing and moisturizing. It lathers really well, and creates a super creamy foam. The scent reminds me of the old days, you know? It's a classic rose water smell... I can't really explain. It smells like roses, but at the same time it's fresh and clean. It's really really good.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


-- This is my first really expensive bag. I didn't want to buy a bag that everyone else has. This is the Furla Like S in Onix. I love it. It's is just so beautiful and  with the perfect size for my life --

Saturday, November 4, 2017 | Makeup Brushes Shopping Guide

I was never too into make up brushes. I have my trusty Beauty Blender that I use and love, and because I never really do any elaborated eye shadow looks, I used to have a couple of eye brushes that honestly I never really used. However, now I've decided to buy some brushes, just to give it a try.

We all know that there are so many makeup brushes, so many brands, and it's not an easy task to know really good brushes that I feel comfortable paying for.
So, there is this website called, and yes, as the name clearly gives it away, it's a website with reviews of everything. I mean, laterally everything. It's super fun to read. Actually since I've discovered it I've been just randomly reading their articles, and it's really fun to find out which is the best robot vacuum cleaner, or the best electric toothbrush on the market. And they give you options according to your budget. They don't just suggest you a super expensive thing that of course is good.

Anyway, they wrote an article about makeup brushes.
They looked at 16 brands, and 70 individual makeup brushes, they tested them out and consulted with makeup artists and they came out with a nice guide to makeup brushes shopping. It's actually fun to read, you should check it out! -- they explain their process and really explain their findings. And at the end they give you 3 options: Top Pick, Best Luxury Brand and Best On a Budget! 

I decided that I wanted to get the Best On a Budget -- from ELF --  because I know I'm not going to use them that often. However, ELF doesn't ship here. That's the only downside... the suggested products may not be sold in your country. And getting it from amazon may make it more expensive... 

But honestly I'm really enjoying this website, and I know a lot if you will like it too! 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Review | NIVEA 1 Minute Urban Detox Mask

I love face masks. A relaxing day for me always includes a face mask of some sort. And when I saw this new Nivea face mask I was excited! It's an 1 minute mask! You apply it to your face, leave it for a minute and remove it with some warm water. Simple and easy, don't you think?

This is basically an exfoliating mask. In it, it has Kaolin (also known as white clay) that is really good for the skin, specially acne prone skin. As for texture, it is extremely creamy and soft, and you can definitely feel the little exfoliating particles. It has a very pale green color and the very characteristic Nivea smell. I always apply it with a little synthetic brush, but you can definitely apply it with your hands. You should apply a generous amount over clean skin, avoiding lips and eyes. If you've tried other clay face masks you know that one minute is not enough time for it to complete dry. And if you want you can let it be for a while longer... Take it off with warm water and do some circular motions for some extra exfoliation... and trust me, your skin will feel super soft and smooth!

I'm really liking this for the days where I feel like doing a face mask, but I'm not really in the mood for waiting 20 minutes for the mask to completely dry... The effect, of course, is not the same, but it's just perfect for busy week days.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

My Cien Favorite Products

A while back, I ranted about the Heidi Klum's Collection with Lidl. And, yes, it's true, I prefer expensive products to supermarket brands, but there are from Lidl's in-house-brand Cien that I
find to be super good and just amazing for their prices!

- from left to right -
Eye Contour Cream with Caviar Extract
Aqua Rich Daily Exfoliating Facial Wash
Make up Removal Disks
Professional Heat Protection Spray

The eye cream is really good! It really helps me in those mornings that I have extra puffy eyes. It has a very gel-like consistency, slightly serum-y. I like it.
The exfoliating facial wash is very well known already. It's cheap, smells good, and does what it claims. I use it to wash my face in the shower. 
The face disks -- I've talked about them before. These are my favorite. For me, these are the best in the market and they are the cheapest. 
But the big surprise is this Heat Protection Spray. Fist of all, I was so surprised to see that Cien had a Professional line! And this works super super good. It's super cheap as well, and so far I feel like it does it job perfectly.